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Quick Start Tutorial - How to make a Deposit Slip

Congratulations! You have taken a major step in the right direction by using EZ-DepositSlip. If you're like most people who purchased EZ-DepositSlip or trying the DEMO you expect it to live up to its name.  If you read just one help/tutorial file this it. Estimated time of this tutorial 5 minutes or less.

Select the link below for the 5-Step Tutorial.  This guide will shown you exactly how to make your first deposit slip.  If you do not have internet access the following summary is provided however we recommend the on line version due to the additional resources available through the web.

On Line Tutorial 

There are 5 basic steps to follow to create your first deposit slip: 
1.  Create a Bank Account and Financial Institution (first time use)
1.A Select the large Account Button on the main screen. Then select the yellow plus button to create a new account.

1.B Select the yellow plus button to create a Financial Institution (Bank) 

Enter your Financial Institution (Bank) information. 
1.C Enter your Bank Information. A bank name and routing number are required. You can go back and add the bank address later. Select Create when done.
Then select the OK button.

1.D Enter your Account Information. An account name and number are required. You can go back and add the account address later. Select Create when done.
Then select the OK button.

2. Select your newly created Bank Account.

3. Enter Your Checks
3.1 Your deposit slip should appear in the main screen.  The example below uses the "Landlord/Real Estate" business type. If your payee and memo fields are not appropriate for your business/organization select Preferences - Primary Business Types and select another category.

Start entering your checks in the lower portion of the main screen. The only two required fields are payee  and amount.

4. Preview and Print the Deposit Slip 
When you done entering your checks select the large Preview Deposit Button.

If it looks OK select the Print Button on the top upper left portion of the preview screen. 

Note: EZ-DepositSlip will attempt to print to your default printer. You may specify separate printers for deposit slips with a laser printer using magnetic toner and a regular laser printer (or  printer) with standard toner for other reports by selecting Preferences-Printer Selections. 

5. Deposit your Checks at the Bank
After printing out your deposit slip report, take a scissors and cut along the dotted line. Endorse your checks as you normally do (if your not using a rubber stamp get one today!). The last step is to take the deposit to the bank (or snail mail) and make a deposit. We recommend taping or stapling your bank receipt to the upper portion of the deposit slip report for confirmation.