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Are you one of the millions of businesses that accepts checks but still hand write your deposit slips?
If you're using computers to run your business why are you still hand writing bank deposits the old fashioned way? Does your state require your profession or trade association (lawyers, real estate brokers) subject you to client audits and require detailed reports for holding earnest money or security deposits? After making your first deposit slip with EZ-DepositSlip you'll never hand write another deposit or purchase those overpriced deposit slips from your bank again.

The shareware demo will make professional looking deposit slips that you can use at the bank today. This is the original and most comprehensive deposit slip software on the market.  Running a successful business is hard enough, making a deposit should be EZ! Give our free demo now and join the over 20,000 other users who downloaded EZ-DepositSlip since 2005. We provide a very generous trial period and free support to make sure our software meets your needs. 

What is EZ-DepositSlip?

EZ-DepositSlip is a low cost ($59 non profit / $79 Personal/Business) award winning PC/Windows application that saves you time, money and hassle by allowing you to print professional looking bank deposit slips with your laser or ink jet printer.  EZ-DepositSlip saves all check/deposit details for reports, exporting and other accounting functions and has many advanced features such as a form letter generator (for late checks), and quick pre-fill fields. This software will increase your productivity and improve your cash flow by making fast and accurate deposit slips without the hassle of hand writing and math errors. 

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Real estate (rental property/property management, landlord), condominium association, law office, parts distributor, catalog sales, carpet store, travel agency, mail order, ebay seller, school, social service agency, politician, builder, financial services, insurance agency, collection agency, mortgages, loans, HVAC, church, synagogue, country club, social club, neighborhood organization, hair salon, daycare, retail store, gift shop, bead store, laundry, dry cleaner, giftware distributor, physician, dentist, broadcasting, medical billing service, home health care, medical supplies, accountant, account receivables, farmer, consultant, personal trainer, printer, publisher, landscaper, kennel, electronic distributor, computer repair, car  mechanic, auto body, automobile dealership, auto salvage, bike shop, resort, hotel, motel, record/cd/dvd store, video game shop, alarm company, Video/DVD rental store, gas station, parking garage, restaurant, bar, non profit, import export, airport, hobby shop, waste hauler, home repair, babysitter, music teacher, news paper, martial arts instructor, fraternity, sorority, gentleman's club, and any person, organization or business that receives lots of checks.

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  EZ-DepositSlip Customer Testimonials  

I am pleased to write this "Canadian" referral for EZ Deposit Software.Working in a busy law firm, I deposit several (sometimes upwards of 40) cheques per day and am always pressed for time. EZ Deposit allows me to quickly and easily record my deposits. I am not forced to hand write anymore (which honestly becomes somewhat illegible by the end of the day) and am able to track my cheques much more accurately (cheque number, type of cheque, file number, notations re: certified funds, etc.). I love the fact that I can easily go back into a deposit, make changes and reprint the deposit slip. I can view all of my deposits over a certain time period and quickly track deposits for clients when they inquire. Updates are simple to navigate and the customer service is outstanding. I always receive an email response within one business day. I really appreciate the personal attention I get (ie. thank you for adding a $2.00 coin to the cash calculator!!).Although not all of my banks will accept the slips, I am more than happy with the two out of three that will (if I were to use magnetic toner, they would accept). I personally favour these two banks over the third now simply because I can use EZ Deposit for my deposit slips.Now that I have EZ Deposit, I will never be without.

JENN LEVESQUE Parker Dubrule Lawyers Edmonton- Alberta, Canada

"EZ-DepositSlip is the perfect program for any small business or organization that needs a quick, simple, easy to use deposit system. After installation, which is a snap, I was entering and printing deposits (without using the excellent help file)  in literally minutes.  Our bank has been extremely happy with the preprinted forms, and never has a deposit amount or number been in question.  Not only is it a fine utility for entering and printing deposits, its reports section allows quick access to payer information, historical reports, income type breakdown, memo reports and miscellaneous reports!  Add to that easy access to account and payer maintenance files and  point and click preference settings  and it just keeps getting better and better. As the membership chairman for our 200 member plus sailing association this product far exceeded our expectations.  I can't imagine any other software in today's market that has the flexibility and user friendliness that EZ- DepositSlip possesses. Buy it!  You won't be sorry!  A 10 out of 10"

Peter O'Brien
Vice Commodore for Membership
Halifax Sailing Association
Daytona Beach, Florida

"We have been using the EZ-DepositSlip software for about six weeks since hearing about it from our IT Manager. Once the initial set up of customers and tenants is done, it saves us time both in entering deposit items and verifying the totals, probably about an hour or so a day. What I really like are the reports that are available. . .so much easier than flipping through deposit books to verify that a tenant's check has been received. I also appreciate the developer's positive attitude about making changes suggested by the end users."

Linda Cooper, Finance Manager Sanford Airport Authority

Orlando Sanford International Airport

"Just a quick note to let you know that I am very pleased with the "EZDeposit" software...recently purchased. As a small business owner, I get very involved in all aspects of the business, including bookkeeping, banking, etc. etc.  Often, the paper jungle makes it difficult to focus on the core business.  Therefore, whenever I can find the time, I search the "Shareware" directories for software that can make my administrative challenge a little easier to deal with.  "EZDeposit" was a welcome find.  It has been a time saving, easy to use solution to the manual task of filling out deposit tickets. I was a little hesitant, at first, thinking that my bank (one of the big outfits) would baulk, however, they have been very receptive and actually have shown considerable interest in the product. Service on this "beta" version product has been absolutely excellent...a very refreshing situation. Thanks and wishing you great success as the word gets out."

Tom Ryan

RTR Home Services, Inc. d/b/a The Maids Home Services - Raleigh, NC

I've been in the Real Estate Rental Business for about 30 years. Before finding EZ-DepositSlip I would normally spend about 10 hours at the end of each month locating problems with my escrow account. I was unable to locate deposit problems because my software did not track deposits like your program. I was unable to find someone to write a database to help me track my deposits in detail. Went online, downloaded your program and it has been a lifesaver for my business. I now spend about 30 seconds finding mistakes in my deposits vs. the posted deposits. I do not even care that the program pays for itself in less than one years worth of those expensive deposit slips from the bank. I wish I had the foresight to look for this program years ago but I am one very happy user now.
Andy Pracht

Coastal Long Term Rental Company, Inc.

Hilton Head Island, SC

Have been in business for 30 plus years. Started using EZ-DepositSlip in Nov 2013. Every now and than a software product comes around that does what it s advertised to do to. EZ- DepositSlip is the poster child for that! This product saves labor and helps keep customer/vendor accounts Balance , with all information at my fingertips!!

Larry Lautenbach, TRI COUNTY HEATING INC - New Franken WI 

We have found the EZ DepositSlip software to be highly effective for our church. With multiple users making deposits, it is user-friendly and streamlines the process so everyone is doing it the same way. As a non-profit organization it also allows us to easily provide year-end giving statements for tax purposes. The support service was also very helpful in addressing a recent technical issue. I highly recommend the EZ DepositSlip software program!

Sonya Gasses, Ministry Assistant - Greenville Baptist Church, Greenville, GA

On behalf of Helen Presbyterian Church I want to thank you. Your program is working great. Feel free to show this letter to anyone-and feel free to contact me.

Charles Potter Treasure - Helen Presbyterian Church - Helen GA

As a landlord, I receive about 80 checks a month. Before EZ-DepositSlip, I would tear out a deposit slip form from the back of each of my 5 business checking account books and hand enter each tenant's rent check. I only recorded the tenants name and amount and assumed the payment was for the current month's rent. This process took 45 minutes and between my poor handwriting and math the deposits were seldom error free. To make matters worse, I had no way to track check numbers, late payments or other payer details. I heard about EZ-Deposit from a landlord friend who wouldn't stop raving about how easy and accurate her monthly deposit had become. Within 5 minutes of installing EZ-DepositSlip I made my first perfect deposit slip. I was able to record all payer/check details such as tenant name, other payer (tenant's parent or roommate), check number, check received date, apartment, rental period, and check number. I use my regular laser printer and never had a problem at my bank. In fact the bank tellers love my new deposit slips because everything is so neatly organized and accurate. I highly recommend this wonderful software."

David Papermaster. Landlord, Milwaukee Wisconsin

At Consur Brokerage we make hundreds of deposits every month. EZ-DepositSlip saves us many hours of typing and reduces the errors in mistyping and the aggravation that brings. Tech support is superb not only resolving quickly your particular problem but also giving you a free and enjoyable education.

Hugo Portella

Flushing, NY

EZ-DepositSlip is the most user friendly and comprehensive deposit ticket software that is a must for any owner of a multi-family income property, or any other business with multiple item deposits. I had been using the demo EZ-DepositSlip and inadvertently the demo expired and I was forced to go back to the manual deposit tickets. HOW HORRIBLE! I had forgotten how time consuming and error prone this archaic handwritten system was. Needless to say, I am back on the EZ-DepositSlip system and would highly recommend the EZ-DepositSlip to everyone. Once you try it, you'll agree it is a great time saving purchase.  

Al Matheus West Allis, WI  


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